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What is the Wisdom Tooth

What is the Wisdom Tooth
Usually the teeth start to go from four or five months to three years when they have completed their development, then start another stage at five or six years when you start to change your milk teeth for permanent until about eleven years old and everything is finally over.

According to the above, it is assumed that the complete denture is already there, but this is not yet the wisdom tooth which begins to leave from the age of sixteen to twenty-one, because this tooth is the last tooth to come out and it is said that its name It is because at that age there is more judgment for entering the adult stage. The wisdom tooth is the third molar to come out both in the upper and lower jaw and occupy the last position of your teeth and usually cause pain and other discomfort when developing.

What is a wisdom tooth?

In general, the wisdom tooth is the last molars to exit causing some discomfort that disappear when they finish developing completely, but for some this does not end well because the wisdom teeth can cause complications when they do not have enough space to exit correctly.

Now, you will ask if they cause so much discomfort when leaving. What is their function? Interesting question, if you want to find the answer this is the opportunity you wanted, just keep reading what comes next so you can clarify all your doubts about it.

In theory, the wisdom tooth is a legacy of early hominids, who had long jaws with a much larger space for wisdom teeth to develop without any problems, which were necessary to chew food that was rich in vegetables.

As the human diet changed, it is said that the jaw was shortened, but retaining the same number of teeth, so the wisdom tooth began to have problems when leaving because it did not have enough space to burst into the teeth. gums with all normality.

The wisdom tooth belongs to the group of more numerous teeth called molars, whose function, like the premolars, is to crush the food, thus helping the digestion process to be easier, therefore, it is important to take care of your teeth having a correct dental cleaning being careful of each of them.

How to know when a wisdom tooth is coming out?

Undoubtedly there are very few people who have not felt any symptoms when their wisdom teeth are coming out, so surely you also go through this experience that can be painful but when the tooth completely develops they disappear once and for all .

According to this it can be very easy to know when a wisdom tooth is coming out, so it is important to know what the symptoms are so that you can identify them quickly, so I advise you to pay full attention to the information that follows about it and that will help you recognize when a wisdom tooth is coming out.

What is the Wisdom Tooth-

In short, the wisdom tooth when it is coming out can be identified according to the following symptoms that are the most common among which can be mentioned:

Difficulty eating

Usually, when a tooth is born, there is difficulty swallowing, due to the blockage that occurs when the jaw opens and closes because of the inflammation that is caused both in the gums and in the jaw, preventing the consumption of food with total normality, in addition to the pain that this causes.

In short, the exit of the wisdom tooth is an event that can cause many discomfort as the pain that sometimes becomes intolerable but usually ends once they are fully developed, with this article you will now have a clearer knowledge about the tooth the trial.


This occurs when the wisdom tooth is trapped causing irritation due to the short space in the mouth for its development, this being a difficulty to chew naturally due to the discomfort caused, so this discomfort in turn causes agitation and restlessness, what hinders your normal development in your daily routine.


When the wisdom tooth causes pain it can extend to behind the ear, which can be very intense depending on the way the tooth comes, that is, the position it takes depending on the space it has available to develop and the inflammation that This causes in the gums and jaw.


The headache is a very common symptom when the wisdom tooth is coming out, this will depend on the way in which these eruptions in the gums and the pressure exerted on the other teeth, it is important to note that if the pain of the The head is intensified may be produced by cysts formed by a possible infection in the tooth.

Pain and inflammation of the gums

When the wisdom tooth is coming out it usually causes a lot of pain that can be very annoying due to the pressure exerted by the tooth to emerge from the gum, this also causes inflammation of the gums so the pain and discomfort becomes more intense in all the area where the wheel is coming out.

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