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Can Constipation Cause Bad Breath?

Can constipation cause bad breath
Can constipation cause bad breath?. Suffering from constipation is not a condition to be overlooked, as it can be the beginning of more serious illnesses. For this reason, you should visit the doctor if you spend more time than normal without going to the bathroom. This problem mostly affects women from middle to advanced age, prostrate people, depressed in drug therapy and abused children, among others.

Constipation causes general fatigue and bad breath

Constipation, stitching or constipation is a disorder that affects most people at some time in their lives. “This problem is due to causes related to lifestyle, to medicines, to the natural passage of years and, in the minority of cases, to organic diseases of the colon such as megacolon or tumors,” explains Dr. Contreras.

According to the specialist in Colon and Rectus Surgery, those who suffer most from this problem are “women from middle to advanced age, prostrate people, depressed in drug therapy, abused children, who do not develop self-esteem, children with bad dietary habits , obese and sedentary, “he says.

Symptoms: The specialist details: “difficulty in the elimination of feces, anal pain, meteorism, it should be noted that not necessarily an adult should evacuate each day: the current scientific consensus indicates that a frequency of five times a week men and three women is the minimum to consider that the transit is normal “, he emphasizes.

Can constipation cause bad breath

The doctor explains that if a person does not control this situation, it can have some consequences: “he will develop other anal discomforts like hemorrhoids, fissures and he will surely have meteorism, halitosis (bad breath) and even general fatigue“. he says.

What to do about it: the doctor recommends that the best treatment for people suffering from constipation is to “improve their lifestyle, a diet rich in fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits), avoid foods and medicines that are like rice, the masses, very toasted. “meats, cinnamon, iron, antacids, antispasmodics, among many others), and sometimes a fecal softener as support for other measures,” he says.

Regarding the use of laxatives, the professional explains that “badly used natural laxatives can be more harmful than beneficial”. There are laxatives of various pharmacological types: the most innocent are those that act on the content of the feces, making them more voluminous and hydrated (volume laxatives) and not those that act on the motility of the colon, which in higher doses can cause. colic pain

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