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How to Tonsil Stones Removal?

How to Tonsil Stones Removal
Here you will discover the effective methods to remove the stones in the tonsils, also known as tonsilloliths are white or yellowish pus balls that are formed in the tonsils their causes are usually many as the low consumption of vegetables and fruits, the lack of oral hygiene, and some other things may be responsible for the appearance of white balls in the tonsils.

Why are the stones in the tonsils generated?

These stones in the tonsils are produced many times by the lack of water consumption, by the lack of oral hygiene. At least 8 glasses of water should be drunk during the course of the day.

Do the stones in the tonsils generate bad breath in the mouth?

The answer is, no, the stones in the tonsils do not generate bad breath. They usually smell bad when you crush them, bad breath is generated by the accumulation of bacteria between your teeth accompanied by a plate of stored food.

How to Tonsil Stones Removal? Complements that help to delete them


  • Drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Water helps keep the body hydrated and does not allow the survival of bacteria in the mouth.


  • Take half a teaspoon of salt and add it to a glass of warm water. Start gargling to remove the stones.
  • Gargling with salt water relieves discomfort in the tonsils.
    If you have a sore throat, gargle salt water is very helpful to eliminate the pain. Salt water expels mucus and the rest of the food that accumulates in the tonsils also eliminates the bad smell.

Lemon juice.

  • Eat lemon juice frequently so you can eliminate the stones.
  • Gargle lemon with warm water to clean the area and remove stones.
    the lemon is rich in vitamin C, and its acidity helps the stones in the throat to dissolve.

Apple vinager

  • Place water and apple cider vinegar in equal amounts and gargle daily.
  • The acidity that the vinegar has causes the stones of the tonsils to be eliminated.


  • Eat one apple a day.
  • If you consume an apple, it helps to remove the stones, since it takes them to the stomach to be eliminated. Its acidity causes the bacteria to die and the stones to dissolve.


  • Take a clove of garlic and chew it.
  • You can repeat this several times a day.
  • Garlic has anti-bacterial properties that helps eliminate the bacteria that cause tonsil stones.


  • Place raw onion to your meals every day.
  • The onion has anti-bacterial properties that help remove stones and prevent mouth infections.
  • It helps eliminate the bad odor caused by tonsil stones.


  • Take natural yogurt
    The beneficial bacteria (prebiotics) of yogurt help you to remove stones from the tonsils.

Cotton sticks or swabs

  • Before using the cotton swabs, wet both ends so that they are softer on contact with the tonsils.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and with the help of a flashlight you can see the stones and eliminate them.
  • Gargle with salt water once you have finished to eliminate the remaining particles.


  • Take a clean dropper, squeeze the rubber bulb, carefully insert the tip into the stone of the tonsils.
  • When feeling the tip of the dropper on the stone, press the drip and suck.

Recommendations to avoid the appearance of stones in the tonsils.

How to Tonsil Stones Removal

-Maintain a good diet, avoid junk food (hamburgers, pizza, etc.)
-Eating the right diet will help you eliminate stones.
-Eat green foods like spinach and reds like tomatoes and carrots, they will help you eliminate stones.
-Reduce dairy products by increasing mucus in the mouth.
-Maintain good oral hygiene.
-Brush your teeth after every meal, in the mornings and before bedtime, this helps reduce bacteria. The same is important is that you brush your tongue to clean any bacteria that may lodge there.

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