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Can Peroxide Stop Bad Breath?

Can peroxide stop bad breath
Can peroxide stop bad breath? Although the bad breath can come from different causes, oral or stomach, oral and especially lingual origin are the most common. In the language a white layer is installed where anaerobic bugs (which do not need oxygen to live) proliferate and which are responsible for that bad smell that some mouths have. The solution is easy, cheap and few people know it: Hydrogen peroxide.

Properties of hydrogen peroxide to remove bad breath

Oxygenated water is well known, obviously, for its use for wounds. However, it has many other uses for beauty, for example, to lighten the hair and also for oral health.

In these cases, the properties of oxygenated water to eliminate bad breath are focused on its disinfectant power, which allows to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores or yeasts. In this way, oxygenated water can remove bad breath because it eliminates bacteria that accumulate in the mouth due to poor or incorrect oral hygiene and are the main responsible for halitosis.

Can peroxide stop bad breath

In Spain, oxygenated water is sold in any supermarket or parapharmacy, in an adequate dilution of 10 Volumes. There are oxygenated waters with more volumes and usual in other countries. Be careful, as a higher concentration should be diluted in water, otherwise it could burn the mucous membranes of the mouth. Even the 10 VOlumenes may be too strong for some people. I suggest trying a few drops on the brush. When passing through the tongue a foam will form. It is normal. But be careful not to burn, if it does, it should be diluted more with water.

In any case, you should brush your tongue with a soft brush dipped in diluted oxygenated water. Then do the same with gums and teeth and finally gargle, spit and rinse mouth with plenty of water. It is important not to swallow oxygenated water. Although if a little bit sneaks in, nothing will happen to us. It must clean but without burning our tongue. Rinse with plenty of water at the end.

This system not only makes disappear most of the reasons why you have bad breath, but, sometimes, it is not necessary or just repeat.

Looking at your tongue every day is a good way to have bad breath controlled. IF it is dirty, repeat the procedure. You will see that it is infallible!

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