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What Causes Bad breath during Pregnancy?

What causes bad breath during pregnancy
What causes bad breath during pregnancy?. The hormonal changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy can cause the activation and accumulation of bacteria that produce volatile sulfated compounds with a very strong odor in the mouth (bad breath). This condition is exacerbated with dentures, ulcerations, cavities, sinusitis, gum infections and dry mouth.

Is it normal to have bad breath in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, some women experience decreased salivary secretion, gingival enlargement (gums), and difficulty passing food. It is possible that the decrease in salivary flow favors the appearance of bleeding gums and bad taste in the mouth. Bad breath is also caused by changes in the composition of the saliva, problems in the mouth and reflux (when the food returns to the esophagus) because the stomach is compressed.

If you feel you have bad breath, it is important to receive timely dental treatment to keep your mouth healthy. It is recommended to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with triclosan and zinc citrate at least twice a day. You can also chew gum (chewing gum) without sugar and with xylitol, two or three minutes after meals to avoid dry mouth.

A diet rich in dairy products such as yogurt and cheese lowers the levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is the cause of bad odor and can be attributed to the production of bacteria caused by pregnancy hormones and inflamed gums. These foods contain lactobacilli and calcium that strengthen the dental tissue. If your mouth is healthy, visit the dentist at least once during pregnancy. If you have dental problems you will surely need more consultations. It is very important to remind your dentist that you are pregnant.

What causes bad breath during pregnancy

How to avoid bad breath during pregnancy?

These symptoms are the classics of a bacteria in the mouth. Your gums may be sensitive, as they are being affected by bacterial plaque. It is an invisible layer of bacteria attached to your teeth, which if not recursively cleaned, causes the consequences mentioned above. Remember that there are home remedies that work, like chewing mint leaves, but there comes a time when the experts are the ones who should help us.

To prevent bad breath these are the suggestions:

-Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day
-Use the dental floss
-Use an electric toothbrush if possible, they are more effective.
-Use a toothpaste with fluoride -clean your tongue every day
– Visit the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning and a general check-up.
– Ask the dentist if home remedies do not resolve bad breath.
-Consume foods with calcium that strengthen bones and teeth.

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